The principal purpose of a business plan is to determine whether a investment opportunity makes good business sense. Business plans often lay the foundation for project success or failure, and should perhaps be regarded as the key step for projects under development.

The plan should provide sufficient in-depth information to support realistic estimates of capital cost, staffing requirements, operating cost, cash flow requirements and pay back capability as well as project profitability. It provides a basis for stakeholders to decide whether or not to commit to large expenditure and the significant efforts involved.

Over the course of time we have produced a large number of business plans, for a variety of organizations - both profit and non-profit, specifically aimed at investors or financial institutions. We structure our plans to cater to their specific information needs, providing detailed future oriented profit and loss statements, cash flow overviews and pro forma balance sheets. Of these, the cash flow statement gets a lot of investor attention. Its here that the essential details of funding needs and repayment capabilities are revealed. In addition to providing information for potential funding partners, a business plan is an excellent benchmarking tool to measure future performance.

Have project that needs to be evaluated on its business merits? We will help you develop a plan that will stand up to the rigors of financial scrutiny.

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