It is increasingly standard for even the smallest of businesses to have a website. Unfortunately, the success of many of these websites is limited by the fact that they are insufficiently grounded in the objectives of the business.

Our philosophy is that, when it comes to websites, graphic design should not be overly sophisticated. People tend to equate technical excellence with excessive use of 'Flash', high-definition graphics and even video. In many cases, such additions are driven by graphic website designers, as they empty their full bag of tricks.

In our experience, most of the time the customers end up paying for substantial cost increases related to designing and maintaining the website, while enjoying little benefit. In fact, disproportionate graphic design can reduce the effectiveness of the website as it distracts from the message the organization wants to convey.

Rather than distracting your website should be purpose driven. Determine what your website needs to help you accomplish: selling products or services, serving information and/or communicating with your customers. We’ll help you set up a web presence that will meet your requirements.

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